Alive Communities

Alive Communities are the place for us to belong, be cared for and pursue Jesus together as disciples. Each community has a shared vision & mission based on location or life-stage.  At the heart of each community is a group of people who share life together, explore the Bible, pray for one another & seek to bless their surrounding community. We have a simple pattern at the heart of our Alive Communities:

Love God

Through prayer, worship and reading the Bible together, we grow in our faith and in our love for God.

Love People

In our communities, we love one another and those around us as we follow Jesus together.

Follow Jesus

Jesus calls us to follow him and continue his ministry in the world. In oru groups, we are disciples who makes disciples and share the good news of Jesus with those around us.

How Do I Join One?

Communities are open to everyone whether you know Jesus or are interested in finding out more.

The best place to start is to look through all of the Communities listed below. Click the sign up button on one of them to get connected to the relevant Alive Communities Leader. We’d encourage you to find a couple you’re interested in and check them out. You’re welcome to try a few before you decide the one to call your community.

If you want to chat through the different communities you can contact us by email or pop to the Connect area area at our Sunday gatherings. 

Interested in starting a Community?

We want it to be possible for everyone to belong in an Alive Community. To do this we need to keep starting new communities that meet in a variety of ways across the region so that everyone who comes to Alive Church has a place to belong. If you’re interested contact us and we’d love to explore you starting one in your location.

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